Transformational transactional and charismatic leadership

Transformational Leadership Theory Transformational Leadership Theory Creating high-performance workforce has become increasingly important and to do so business leaders must be able to inspire organizational members to go beyond their task requirements. As a result, new concepts of leadership have emerged - transformational leadership being one of them. Transformational leadership may be found at all levels of the organization: Such leaders are visionary, inspiring, daring, risk-takers, and thoughtful thinkers.

Transformational transactional and charismatic leadership

When speaking of leadership as a whole, this has a deep history. Leadership creates an ambiance for both change and also resistance to change. This article attempts to clarify the difference between these two terms in detail.

What is Charismatic Leadership? Charisma is a gift in view of most people. Charisma is the attraction or charm of a person that can inspire devotion in others.

Transformational transactional and charismatic leadership

So, arguing it as a gift has some truth. Leadership of this nature can be termed as Charismatic Leadership, where people are inspired to work for the leader based on their devotion towards that individual. The followers are not attracted by any external power or authority.

Charismatic leaders have a clear vision and are willing to take any risk achieve their vision. They will create a unique position for themselves and will be unchallengeable in their group.

The identity of the group and leader will be inseparable. Further, research has shown there is a strong relation between charismatic leadership and high performance.

Also, the followers will be highly satisfied due to the psychological motivation given by their leader. The followers will put more effort in work and will have a high level of respect for their leader.

To serve the best interest of an organization, charismatic leaders will not be the best fit they argue. They use their power for personal benefit and to improve their image than the organization.

What is Transformational Leadership?

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Transformational leadership is defined as a leadership approach that causes a change in individuals and social systems. In its purest form, it creates valuable and positive changes among followers with a vision of developing the followers into leaders.

The transformational leader believes in their followers to succeed. They act as role models and inspire the followers.Transformational leadership theory Leadership with values, meaning and a higher purpose. Transformational leadership theory has evolved from and contains elements of preceding leadership types, such as trait and behaviour theories, charismatic, situational and transactional leadership.

International Journal of Social Science & Interdisciplinary Research_____ ISSN IJSSIR, Vol. 2 (3), MARCH () Online available at Learn about transformational leadership, charismatic leadership, bureaucratic leadership, transactional leadership, servant leadership and more.

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ISSN: Odumeru & Ifeanyi () Transformational Leadership A transformational leader is a person who stimulates and inspires (transform) followers to achieve. 2 Leadership theory and educational outcomes: The case of distributed and transformational leadership Abstract The effect of school leadership on educational outcomes has been widely debated in.

In this guide, we will hope to answer the above questions and delve deeper into the model of transformational leadership. We’ll start by examining the ideas behind the style, its core elements and the requirements of a transformational’ll also examine the advantages and disadvantages of the leadership theory and present you with a few examples of true transformational leaders.

Both styles of leadership, transformational and transactional, have strong philosophical underpinnings and ethical individualist philosophies, where leaders and followers each rationally pursue their own self-interests, it is generally thought that leaders should be transactional. Transformational Leadership occurs where the leader takes a visionary position and inspires people to follow. The Journal of Human Resource and Adult Learning * November 41 performance leadership style is that leaders‟ effort to ensure the team of organization to reach its goals.
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