Spiritual intelligence emotional intelligence and

Register today Webinar Description Successful hospice and palliative care professionals not only understand and manage their own emotions, they understand and appreciate the emotions of others. This Webinar provides you the opportunity evaluate and cultivate your emotional intelligence. Faculty will share new strategies for creating a more emotionally intelligent work environment to support your role in the care of patients and families. Webinar Objectives At the completion of this webinar, participants will be able to:

Spiritual intelligence emotional intelligence and

Definitions[ edit ] Definitions of spiritual intelligence rely on the concept of spirituality as being distinct from religiosity - existential intelligence. Knowing what I believe in and value, and what deeply motivates me.

Living in and being responsive to the moment. Being vision- and value-led: Acting from principles and deep beliefs, and living accordingly. Seeing larger patterns, relationships, and connections; having a sense of belonging.

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Having the quality of "feeling-with" and deep empathy. Valuing other people for their differences, not despite them.

Standing against the crowd and having one's own convictions. Having the sense of being a player in a larger drama, of one's true place in the world. Tendency to ask fundamental "Why? Needing to understand things and get to the bottom of them. Standing back from a situation or problem and seeing the bigger picture or wider context.

Positive use of adversity: Learning and growing from mistakes, setbacks, and suffering. Feeling called upon to serve, to give something back. IQ helps us to interact with numbers, formulas and things, EQ helps us to interact with people and SQ helps us to maintain inner balance. To calculate one's level of SQ he suggests the following criteria: How much time, money and energy and thoughts do we need to obtain a desired result.

How much bilateral respect there exists in our relationships. How 'clean' a game we play with others.

How much dignity we retain in respecting the dignity of others. How tranquil we remain in spite of the workload. How sensible our decisions are. How stable we remain in upsetting situations. How easily we see virtues in others instead of defects. Robert Emmons defines spiritual intelligence as "the adaptive use of spiritual information to facilitate everyday problem solving and goal attainment.

Spiritual intelligence emotional intelligence and

The capacity to transcend the physical and material. The ability to experience heightened states of consciousness. The ability to sanctify everyday experience. The ability to utilize spiritual resources to solve problems. The capacity to be virtuous.

Higher Level of Intelligence and self awareness. Early Maturing Control over emotions. The fifth capacity was later removed due to its focus on human behavior rather than ability, thereby not meeting previously established scientific criteria for intelligence.

Frances Vaughan offers the following description: The four quadrants of spiritual intelligence are defined as: King has undertaken research on spiritual intelligence at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. King defines spiritual intelligence as a set of adaptive mental capacities based on non-material and transcendent aspects of reality, specifically those that: The ability to derive personal meaning and purpose from all physical and mental experiences, including the capacity to create and master a life purpose.Spiritual Intelligence: The Ultimate Intelligence (Bloomsbury Paperbacks) [Danah Zohar, Ian Marshall] on yunusemremert.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

At the beginning of the twentieth century psychologists discovered ways and means to measure intelligence that developed into an obsession with IQ.

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In the mid 's. even successfully start our spiritual growth. Some degree of emotional self-awareness and empathy is an important foundation. Then, as our spiritual growth unfolds, there would be a strengthening of EQ skills – which would further Spiritual Intelligence & Emotional Intelligence Author.

May 10, – pm ET. CE/CME Information. Register today. Webinar Description. Successful hospice and palliative care professionals not only understand and manage their own emotions, they understand and appreciate the emotions of others.

Spiritual intelligence is a term used by some philosophers, psychologists, and developmental theorists to indicate spiritual parallels with IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and EQ (Emotional Quotient).

Danah Zohar coined the term "spiritual intelligence" and introduced the idea in in her book ReWiring the Corporate Brain. Developing our emotional and spiritual intelligence is a choice we make, an act of the power of our own will.

The first step in doing so is to become willing to do so. Following through on that intention is a matter of connecting with our own indwelling Christ Presence, and allowing that awareness to prevail in the activity of our thoughts.

Definition of Spiritual Intelligence. S piritual intelligence is a higher dimension of intelligence that activates the qualities and capabilities of the authentic self (or the soul), in the form of wisdom, compassion, integrity, joy, love, creativity, and yunusemremert.comual intelligence results in a sense of deeper meaning and purpose, combined with improvements in a wide range of important life.

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