I bet no boy can write a paragraph using these words

Each element should be followed by the punctuation mark shown here.

I bet no boy can write a paragraph using these words

The Holy of Holies in the Temple was separated from the rest of the Sanctuary by a curtain.

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The walls of the Sanctuary building separated it from the rest of the Temple Mount. The Temple Mount was separated from the rest of the holy city of Jerusalem by the kotel ā€” the wall surrounding it on all sides.

Jerusalem was separated from the rest of the country by its enveloping city walls. Thus, to reach the Holy of Holies, one had to enter the city gates; gain access to the Temple courtyard; have the right of entry into the Sanctuary and be the most privileged of privileged to pass beyond the curtain before the Holy of Holies.

Pshat is not the literal meaning of a verse but the accepted traditional interpretation to the literal meaning of the verse.

Pshat is the simplest meaning, based on the text and context. Rashi explains that pshat of the verse as follows: Gematria is a form of remez. Many of the explanations in the Talmud are based on rather obvious hints in the Torah such as extra words, extra lettersmissing lettersmissing words, big letterslittle lettersand the spacing between words and letters.

Remez of the Torah text is comparable to gaining access to the Temple Mount. This level of understanding is based on a detailed logical analysis of Talmudic rules of logic.

This is an exegetical level of understanding. There are two types: Through derash of the Torah text we find ourselves within the holy Sanctuary. Drash is the contextual and non-contextual, moral and philosophical explanations. Midrash Halacha - Scriptural sources for Jewish Laws.

Midrash Aggada - blend of history, parables, and poetry. Normally, the mystical understandings are studied at night. Only the privileged of privileged may possess sod of the Torah text and the key to the Holy of Holies itself.

Sod is the hidden or secret meaning. Bereshit In the beginning is also a statement. The dimension of time and the laws of nature were created during the six days of Creation.

The Vilna Gaon said something odd regarding the sod level.

i bet no boy can write a paragraph using these words

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