How to write an apprenticeship cover letter

Facebook What is an apprenticeship cover letter? A cover letter is a basic outline of who you are and why you are sending your CV to a company.

How to write an apprenticeship cover letter

how to write an apprenticeship cover letter

Opening Paragraph This should be short and simple; stating the position you are applying for, and where you heard about it. In the second paragraph, you should highlight any skills, qualities and experience you have relevant to the role.

You should also mention if you have any previous qualifications that will help your study; but as this will be for an apprenticeship and you may not have further and higher education qualifications, you can include grades from school, and any certificates you may have been awarded.

This is a great opporunity for you to expand on points in your CV that make you an ideal candidate. As this is for an apprenticeship, you can really emphasise on how the position that you are applying for will help you develop as a person, in order to reach a higher goal in the future.

The Final Paragraph This is the last opportunity you have to say something that will interest the employer in wanting to bring you in to be interviewed; therefore a great place to share why you are interested in the apprenticeship overall, briefly highlighting skills and experience mentioned previously.

Do your Research

It would also be a good place to mention something about the company, so do some research and mention something to show that you do have an interest in the company and what they do.

It is a good idea to end the paragraph by expressing in interest in attending an interview if they so wish, and thanking them for taking the time to read through your application.

If starting your career by doing an apprenticeship interests you, there is a wide variety of roles that you can train in with us, from accountancy, to hairdressing, to warehousing and security! Take a look at the full range of courses that we offer here. Kick start your career through the apprenticeship pathway by clicking below.How to Write a Cover Letter for an Apprenticeship Posted by: Andre Post Date: 5th June Along with having a good CV, a well-written cover letter will also make you stand out to a potential employer, improving your chances at getting the role that you desire.

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Cover letter for apprenticeship -

Cover Letter for Apprenticeship If you are looking to join an apprenticeship scheme then you will have a keen interest in the area of apprenticeship that you are looking at. An employer who takes on apprentices will be looking at their other qualities too. Jun 06,  · Professional Cover Letter Builder.

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how to write an apprenticeship cover letter

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How to write an apprenticeship cover letter? National Apprenticeship Events