Efficiency of an electric motor coursework

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Efficiency of an electric motor coursework

The motor manufacturer tech support may provide the motor heat dissipation value in watts. Some of losses causing the efficiency to be lower than 1 are covering the windage, and rotor dynamics.

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How much heat comes from an electric motor 60hzhmmm Electrical 7 Dec 03 You do realize that 45kW will be dumped in the "area" of the motor. If the motor is running a leather stacker then all of the motor's consumed energy will be dumped in the immediate area.

This is often messed up when people are doing air conditioning calculations. How much heat comes from an electric motor gsimson Electrical 8 Dec 03 If the efficiency is app. For identifying the actual value of the following lossestesting and calculation is requred.

How much heat comes from an electric motor OP 8 Dec 03 Are you saying that in the area of the motor, there will be 45kW of heat? I am trying to estimate a heat load for a HVAC calc I agree that a 45 kW motor will turn that 45kW of energy into some mechanical form. So, that 10kW of energy left over after 45kW are converted to mechanical energy is the result of friction, resistance, slip etc.

Is there a general 'rule of thumb' to estimate this heat loss? Thankyou dpc Electrical 8 Dec 03 So just use the efficiency of the motor. It will deliver hp to the shaft and dissipate about 11 hp 8.

The Efficiency of Commercial Electric Motors

It gets a little more complicated at partial load - you would need a curve of efficiency versus load to be highly accurate.

The power factor doesn't play a role in heat loss determination because it doesn't directly relate to efficiency. In fact, extremely high efficiency motors have poor power factors.

Efficiency of an electric motor coursework

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Dramatic energy and cost savings can be achieved in motor systems by applying best energy management practices and purchasing energy-efficiency equipment.

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