Effects of students overpopulation on the

The death of good schools and the greed of school authorities are filling up classrooms to the brim.

Effects of students overpopulation on the

Overpopulation is a serious problem in classroom situation, it lead to congestion of classroom and this adversely affects learning and performances. Nevertheless, certain measure has to be taken as a panacea or to curb overpopulation.

This study was carried out not only to find out how overpopulation affects students but also how it affects students interaction and the frequency used coping strategies adopted by the teachers.

Findings showed that overpopulation diminishes the quality and quantities of teaching and learning with serious implications for attainment of educational goals. Effects of students overpopulation on the few people will deny that the quality of teaching and learning is on the decline at all levels of the educational systems.

The poor result of the senior secondary school examination SSCE in almost all subjects in recent years is one potent indicator. The increase in examination malpractices cannot be divorced from poor sitting arrangement as a result of overpopulation and class structures.

The quality and quality of interaction in the class are likely to be adversely affected due to lack of space for moving round the class and the over whelming number of students that the teacher has to deal with within a forty minutes lesson.

Essay on Overpopulation Causes, Effects and Solutions | The College Study Hire Writer It is important that we look at these problems since every human has the ability to prevent future damages and adjust their lifestyles to decelerate this increase in population. Statement of the Problem Effects of the Population Growth in the Philippines This study aimed to know the possible effects of the growth of population in the Philippines:
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Overpopulation Effects - Everything Connects The death of good schools and the greed of school authorities are filling up classrooms to the brim.
Causes of Overpopulation Shop What is Overpopulation? Overpopulation is an undesirable condition where the number of existing human population exceeds the carrying capacity of Earth.
THE EFFECTS OF OVERPOPULATION ON THE ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF STUDENTS - ProjectSolutionz Human overpopulation is among the most pressing environmental issues, silently aggravating the forces behind global warmingenvironmental pollutionhabitat lossthe sixth mass extinctionintensive farming practices and the consumption of finite natural resources, such as fresh water, arable land and fossil fuelsat speeds faster than their rate of regeneration.

The death of good schools and the greed of school authorities are filling up classrooms to the brim. The school or learning to be environment must be conducive for learning to be effective, in other words, conducive environment assist students in their academics and pave way to learn.

The classroom is the heart of any educational system. No curriculum planning is complete without implementation and evolution, both of which are mainly carried out in the classroom. Most of the class activities take place while students are seated.

The sitting arrangement is therefore too important to suffer the kind of neglect being experienced by many secondary schools in the country. Overpopulation makes sitting arrangement in a classroom become so complex in the sense that the number of students will be greater than the seat available.

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A place, community or society is said to be over populated, when the resources or facilities available cannot cater for the residence of that place or society. These include infrastructural facilities i. Performance in education means learning outcome, it is seen as the capacity of a student based on defined criteria.

Effects of students overpopulation on the

Educational planning in Nigeria has always been thought of in terms of quantitative growth, which is usually above the financial capacity of the government Adesina, A recent example is the implementation of the current system of education, which is seriously affected by lack of adequate funding and poor preparation.

Even though the federal and state governments have shown serious commitment to educational development through their annual budgetary allocation to education in recent years, the attention given to physical facilities is far from being adequate.

Overpopulated classrooms present a problem not just to teachers, but also to students. Teachers face problems controlling a dozen students at times because of unruly behaviour and lots of talking. These same teachers when presented with the homogenous task of controlling in excess of 30 students at once will get into a complete mess.

It makes a simple task of taking attendance impossible. Especially teenagers who do not respond well to directions and rules. On the other hand, some students cannot concentrate because of other students. The number of failures increases in an overcrowded class because no students can concentrate on the subject at hand.

This is leading to numerous problems in classrooms which are producing students with no interest in studies. Action by the government is necessary to reduce this problem and create an environment for education that pushes students to perform better. In Nigeria today, education is regarded as an instrument for excellence for affecting national development.

It is aimed that the secondary education should emphasized on the preparation of useful living within society sand the preparation of students for higher education NPE,pp.

Overpopulation in classroom reduces teaching effectiveness, it will put more burden on the teacher, due to the fact that the teacher cannot devote much time on a particular students when the teachers are able to devote more time to each students, they can figure out the best way to solve each students problems in order to make then understand the lesson better, thus teaching is more effective.

Effect of overpopulation on the academic performance is that education is the best legacy a nation can give her citizens, especially the youths.

This is because the development of any nation or community depends largely on the quality of education of such a nation or community. It is generally believed that basis for any true development must commence with the development of human resources much than is said that formal education remains the vehicle for socio-economic development and social mobilization in any society.

Many problems exist in the higher school of Nigeria, to which many factors are also the root because the problems to not affect the school environment alone but replicate itself into the larger society. The desire to be educated gave birth to population in school explosion and massive enrolment of students into the higher schools.

Overpopulation on the academic performance of students in school is the situation whereby the facility in school are not enough to cater for the proper teaching and learning.

This invariably means that the number of students admitted is more than the available materials and teacher in the school. Teacher over population in higher school as a study the cause and effect would be highlighted and discussed in relatively few sentences. Also the researcher makes everything possible to proffer solution to deal with the ailment of overpopulation in student in Nigeria institution of learning.

The study will use of interview and questionnaire from people to collect necessary data for the completion of this work.Effects Of Overpopulation In Egypt. This report aims to find out about the positive effects and negative effects of overpopulation in China.

The report will also provide background to the debate, its social significance, identify the parties involved and put forward the differing arguments related to the views held. The Issue and background to the debate Overpopulation refers to a. The Effects. Overpopulation can have a number of effects, most of which are negative as examined below.

Lack of Water.

Effects of students overpopulation on the

Overpopulation creates greater demand on the world’s freshwater supplies. As only roughly 1% of the world’s water is fresh and accessible, this creates a major issue.

How Population Growth Affects the Educational System The world population is on the rise. At the same time, America is working harder to maintain an educational system that ensures a proper education to every student, regardless of race or financial ability.

The study aimed at establishing the effects of overpopulation on the academic performance of government secondary schools. It is designed to identify the factors that contribute to the increase in students’ population, find out the students – teacher.

A school is defined as overpopulated when it operates with an enrollment rate exceeding capacity. How schools deal with this problem affects student learning since overpopulation can hinder student learning, reducing the quality of instructional planning and lowering morale among students and teachers.

Effects of Overpopulation: Education sincerely hope you will use this information in your classroom in order to educate your students regarding the detrimental effects of an overpopulated nation. We also welcome your feedback on how to make this series more effective in reaching today’s youth.

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