Chemistry as coursework

If you have an assistantship, you will need to maintain a GPA of 3. To complete the program in years, you will need to take credit hours in each semester, excluding summer. You do not need to register for any courses during the summer semester, unless you graduate during the summer. If you intend to graduate in summer, you must register for one credit of dissertation CHE

Chemistry as coursework

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And there it was.MSc in Food Science & Human Nutrition (by coursework) Our MSc (coursework) in Food Science & Human Nutrition is slated for the inaugural intake for AY/19 Aug.

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Chemistry as coursework

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Year of entry: Show year of entry: In addition, students must select one elective from the chemistry core courses (CHE , CHE , CHE , and CHE ) and one elective in biochemistry or from a list of approved biochemistry-related courses, including many offered by other departments.

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