Autumn festival in my country

On the day of the festival, people celebrate by eating moon cakes as a sacrificial offering to the moon. Moon cakes are round, symbolizing the reunion of a family. Enjoying the Glorious Full Moon In Chinese culture, the full moon is a symbol of peace and prosperity for the whole family. Its roundness symbolizes wholeness and togetherness.

Autumn festival in my country

Alternative names[ edit ] The Mid-Autumn Festival is also known by other names, such as: Moon Festival or Harvest Moon Festival, because of the celebration's association with the full moon on this night, Autumn festival in my country well as the traditions of moon worship and moon gazing.

Lantern Festival, a term sometimes used in SingaporeMalaysia and Indonesiawhich is not to be confused with the Lantern Festival in China that occurs on the 15th day of the first month of the Chinese calendar.

Reunion Festival, in earlier times, a woman in China took this occasion to visit her parents before returning to celebrate with her husband and his parents. Gathering, such as family and friends coming together, or harvesting crops for the festival.

It's said the moon is the brightest and roundest on this day which means family reunion. Consequently, this is the main reason why the festival is thought to be important.

Thanksgiving, to give thanks for the harvest, or for harmonious unions Praying asking for conceptual or material satisfactionsuch as for babies, a spouse, beauty, longevity, or for a good future Traditions and myths surrounding the festival are formed around these concepts, [11] although traditions have changed over time due to changes in technology, science, economy, culture, and religion.

Origins and development[ edit ] The Chinese have celebrated the harvest during the autumn full moon since the Shang dynasty c. An important part of the festival celebration is moon worship. The ancient Chinese believed in rejuvenation being associated with the moon and water, and connected this concept to the menstruation of women, calling it "monthly water".

These beliefs made it popular among women to worship and give offerings to the moon on this evening. The myths associated with Chang'e explain the origin of moon worship during this day. His wife was Chang'e. One year, the ten suns rose in the sky together, causing great disaster to people.

Yi shot down nine of the suns and left only one to provide light. An immortal admired Yi and sent him the elixir of immortality. Yi did not want to leave Chang'e and be immortal without her, so he let Chang'e keep the elixir.

But Pang Meng, one of his apprentices, knew this secret. So, on the fifteenth of August in the lunar calendar, when Yi went hunting, Peng Meng broke into Yi's house and forced Chang'e to give the elixir to him.

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Chang'e refused to do so. Instead, she swallowed it and flew into the sky. Since she loved very much her husband and hoped to live nearby, she chose the moon for her residence. When Yi came back and learned what had happened, he felt so sad that he displayed the fruits and cakes Chang'e liked in the yard and gave sacrifices to his wife.

People soon learned about these activities, and since they also were sympathetic to Chang'e they participated in these sacrifices with Yi. Handbook of Chinese Mythology also describes an alternate common version of the myth: However, he soon became a conceited and tyrannical ruler.

Autumn festival in my country

In order to live long without death, he asked for the elixir from Xiwangmu. But his wife, Chang'e, stole it on the fifteenth of August because she did not want the cruel king to live long and hurt more people. She took the magic potion to prevent her husband from becoming immortal.

Houyi was so angry when discovered that Chang'e took the elixir, he shot at his wife as she flew toward the moon, though he missed. Chang'e fled to the moon and became the spirit of the moon.Yesterday was a perfect Fall day. It was gloomy and cool with some light showers, my kind of day!

We took a very long drive up in the mountains. When we take these trips, I always avoid highways and opt for the country roads. You never know what you will find. Athletics Ireland "Autumn Cross Country Festival" will be held on Sunday 16th October in the National Sports Campus in Abbotstown, Dublin.

For further details on this event please click on the links below. It’s Fall Y’all! Bring your family and friends and join in for loads of fall fun September 8th and 9th of ! Live Music will be performed by Feeding Leroy on September 8th from a.m. to p.m. Feeding Leroy is an alt-country/folk band from Duluth MN.

Observed by: Bengali, Odia, Maithils and Assamese as a socio-cultural and religious festival: Type: Hindu: Celebrations: Family and other social gatherings, shopping and gift-giving, feasting, pandal-visiting, lighting decorations, cultural events, idol immersion etc.

Ludlow spearheaded the modern food festival trend when it launched in , and it remains one of the best. It is known for sausage and ale trails around the town, but there will be scores of. Apr 18,  · After some convincing I took the family to the Mt Wilson Autumn Festival this past week.

Located about an hour’s drive from Richmond, which itself is .

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